AAEON Unveiled Their Entire Lineup of 5G-Ready Platforms

Eindhoven, The Netherlands 22 March 2021 – AAEON has unveiled their entire lineup of innovative 5G-ready platforms for 2021, consisting of embedded single-board computers, industrial motherboards, fanless embedded box PCs, network video recorders, and desktop network appliances.

When leveraging the 5G network, these platforms will seamlessly connect and collaborate between the edge and the cloud, allowing for large data transfers with ultra-low latency.

5G is the next big step in wireless communication. 5G networks will provide 50x more speed, 10x less latency, and 1,000x more capacity for connected devices than the existing 4G/LTE network. It promises to bring faster internet services to consumers, with larger data transfer capabilities for industries to roll out the next generation of IoT devices and expand the capabilities of edge to cloud computing. It promises to bring a new age of connectivity and communication, further driving Industry 4.0.


AAEON 5G-Ready Platforms, Powered by Intel Technology

AAEON is recognized as an Intel Premium Partner for its help in accelerating the adoption of advanced IoT and edge networks by leveraging technologies including edge computing and 5G communication. The new 5G-ready platforms from AAEON are powered by Intel Technology to deliver responsiveness, power efficiency, and high performance at the edge.

These next generation solutions offer 5G connectivity through M.2 ports and are powered by a host of Intel technologies to power computing at the edge:

  • Intel Atom C3000 Series (formerly Denverton): FWS 2365
  • Intel Atom E3900 series (formerly Apollo Lake): VPC 3350S and UP Squared Pro
  • Intel Atom x6000 Series (formerly Elkhart Lake): UP Squared 6000*, GENE-EHL5*, NITX-EHL1*, FWS-2280*
  • Intel 8th Generation Core Processors (formerly Whiskey Lake): VPC 5620S and UP Xtreme Lite
  • Intel 10th Generation Core Processors (formerly Comet Lake): MAX-Q470A
  • Intel 11th Generation Core Processors (formerly Tiger Lake): UP Xtreme i11 and BOXER-6643-TGU*

Real-Time Computing with the 5G Wireless Network

Extending time-sensitive networking (TSN) capabilities over the 5G wireless network enables greater mobility and flexibility, with an added benefit of reduced wiring costs. Wireless connectivity allows for easy reconfigurability of automation systems to optimize routing for mobile robots, production floor layouts, and warehouse logistics.

Five of the newest 5G-ready platforms from AAEON are equipped with TSN technology: UP Xtreme i11, UP Squared Pro, UP Squared 6000*, GENE-EHL5*, and NITX-EHL1*.

Smart factories, mobile and collaborative robots, autonomous systems, and augmented reality are applications that rely on accurate time and ultra-low latency computing and communications. Manufacturers, industrial equipment vendors, and developers who face both time sync and timeliness challenges with industrial applications can use time-sensitive networking (TSN) together with Intel® Time Coordinated Computing (TCC) to synchronize networks of devices for improving the timely behavior of industrial systems. As compared with existing real-time Ethernet protocols, combining TSN with TCC can enable customers to precisely control time-sensitive cycles.

The latest 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors (formerly code name Tiger Lake) and Intel Atom® x6000E Series processors (formerly code name Elkhart Lake) are enabled with Intel® Time Coordinated Computing (TCC) on the industrial SKU. AAEON offers TCC capabilities on the UP Xtreme i11, GENE-EHL5*, NITX-EHL5*, and UP Squared 6000*.


5G in Industry 4.0

As the 5G network begins to be implemented around the world, AAEON is ready to support manufacturers, industrial equipment vendors, and developers with 5G-ready platforms to build smart factories and accelerate Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 is bringing new process innovations that deliver increased efficiency, flexibility, and profitability to industrial applications. Through the collaboration of 5G and IoT, smart factories are making advances in the automation of robots, smart logistics systems, and layout optimization. 5G allows manufacturers to ditch the cables and become flexible, increasing the ease of reconfiguration and optimization of warehouses, while cutting costs on wires. Connectivity between machines, devices, the cloud, and workers means that any production downtime is reduced to a minimum. Operational inefficiencies and failures can either be prevented or quickly resolved due to instant detection, diagnosis, and treatment. 

Join AAEON and Ericsson on March 31, 2021 at 15:00 CET for the Smart Factory Solutions Webinar. Learn how Ericsson is accelerating Industry 4.0 with the 5G network. Sasidhar Yalavarthi from Ericsson will be the special guest speaker. Register today on the AAEON website: http://www.solutions.aaeon.com/events.


For more information on the AAEON 5G-ready platforms and to download the brochure, visit the AAEON Solutions website at www.solutions.aaeon.com/5G-ready.


*This product is still under development and has not yet been officially released.


For more information:

About AAEON: www.aaeon.com

AAEON Solutions: www.solutions.aaeon.com

About UP! Bridge the Gap: www.up-board.org


About AAEON:

Established in 1992, AAEON is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms today. In 2011, AAEON became a member of the ASUS group, this enabled the company to further strengthen its leadership, access advanced technology from ASUS and grow its focus towards AI and IoT. AAEON has built a comprehensive AI & IoT ecosystem ranging from IHV, CSP, and ISV and continues to showcase many use cases in AI.

When working with AAEON, you gain access to hundreds of computing boards with validated software solutions. Apart from the off-shelf product range, a fully custom designed board is also made at your service!

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