Automated Software Service to deploy Intel Edge® Computing Software
Evaluation and Testing

Automated Software Service for Evaluation and Testing, or simply ASSET, is the new AAEON Software Service to facilitate the use of AAEON platforms.
During the early stages of evaluation and development on a new board or embedded system, it can be challenging to install all the necessary software and configurations for each specific use case.

Thanks to a convenient web interface, you can easily setup and deploy validated operating systems and software packages for different vertical applications, from testing to benchmarking, from simple scripts to Proof of Concept applications.
After going through an intuitive setup process via Web UI, the target system will be fully configured with the necessary drivers, software packages, and applications, ready to be used for evaluation and testing.

ASSET is currently in development and it will be available later this year for early access. A demo showcasing ASSET will be presented at Embedded World 2022.

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