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The Yocto Project is an open source collaboration project that helps developers create custom Linux-based systems for embedded products, regardless of the hardware architecture. The project provides a flexible set of tools and a space where embedded developers worldwide can share technologies, software stacks, configurations and best practices which can be used to create tailored Linux images for embedded devices.

Why Choose the Yocto Project?

Free and Open Source

The Yocto Project is an open-source project based on free and open-source software.

License Compliance

Yocto Project helps you to comply with open-source and commercial licensing in your product

Extensively Tested

BSPs are validated with a combination of automated and manual testing.

Long-Term Support (LTS)

We use LTS Kernels and align with the new Yocto Project 3.1 LTS release.

Reference Images

We provide minimal and GUI based reference images, including binary images, to accelerate your development.

Fully Customizable

Build a tailored embedded Linux distribution, adding custom device drivers to enable only the components you require for a reliable system with minimal memory footprint.

Embedded AI Applications with Yocto Project

Leveraging the community supported layer meta-tegra to offer integration of Nvidia Jetpack tools for AI and Computer Vision


Yocto Project vs. Standard Distribution

Comparing Yocto Project-based Distribution to Standard Distribution

 Yocto Project Based DistributionStandard Distribution
CompilationYocto Project fully relies on cross compiling.Most Distribution based systems rely
on on-target compiling.
Configuration and customization of single featuresEach software package/feature is added only if needed via its own recipe and/or metalayerLimited by the Distribution package provider
Configuration and customization
of the full platform
The overall system configuration is managed by recipes and/or metalayers which allow full configuration and customization of every detailDifficult to remove features that are not needed but deeply integrated into the Distribution
ReproducibilityVery high with recipe configuration and version controlMissing or extremely expensive reproducibility
PatchingLimited custom patches, mostly upstreamedHeavily patched and different by Distribution
FlexibilityEasy to port across platforms and different architecturesLimited to the list of supported platforms by the Distribution
FOSS license overviewInformation provided by the output of a Yocto Project buildNeed to be manually extracted for each software
Boot timeFast, highly optimised for the specific systemStandard boot time, dealyed by components not necessarily used
RootFS sizeSmall, including only the packages and software needed by the specific systemLarger, with software components different by distrbution, of which many are not used

Build your own Embedded Linux Distribution with AAEON Yocto BSP

Bring your products to market faster thanks to Yocto Project and our Linux Software ecosystem Partners.

The AAEON Yocto BSPs and images for Yocto are freely available to fully customize and redistribute them to your end customers.

Great for development and to be used as base for your Embedded Linux Distribution.

Customized BSP and Software Services

The Yocto Project flexibility come at the cost of a steep learning curve, including the added complexity of maintaining your own Linux distribution. AAEON, together with our Software Partners, can help you to focus on your application, while we take care of the customization, support and maintenance of the Embedded Linux Distribution for your product.


  • Develop BSP to support ODM products
  • Add your custom applications into Yocto Project


  • Build systems optimized for your project and application
  • Build industrial grade systems from scratch


  • Software improvements and bug fixes with Over the Air updates
  • System hardening and security updates

How it Works

We work together with you during all phases of development and testing to build better and more reliable products for a wide variety of verticals, including: robotics, industrial automation, IoT, Edge AI, healthcare, and transportation.

Just click the inquiry button below to talk to one of our software specialists who can help you integrate and customize your application with the Yocto Project on one of the state-of-the-art AAEON Boxers, powered by NVIDIA.

Free Training

Getting Started with Yocto Project on AAEON Embedded AI Boxers, Powered by NVIDIA

– November 25, 2020 at 15:00 CET –

This one-hour training will give you an introduction on how to use Yocto Project with the support recently added for AAEON Boxers, powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano and NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX modules. The webinar will help you to build a highly optimized, efficient, and reliable operating system using the Yocto Project, including how to customize it to fit your needs.


Daniele Cleri, Senior AI & IoT Software Architect at AAEON Europe

Joined AAEON Europe in 2018, Daniele works professionally with Linux since 2006 and as user since 2000. With 10 years experience in Embedded Systems, his knowledge ranges  from Build Systems like Yocto, to IoT Systems and Architectures, including AI applications on Edge Devices.

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Boxer 8251AI

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