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Built-in foundation of security. Intel delivers a common foundation of hardware-based security capabilities to help protect data and systems throughout your organization. Intel delivers power-efficient performance and intelligence optimized for exciting new use cases for Industrial IoT, like intelligent warehouse management, factory automation, and energy grid management. With machine vision and deep learning capabilities at the edge, companies can monitor quality on an assembly line, predict equipment failures, or perform other intelligent tasks. Our built-in baseline suite of security capabilities makes it easier to implement a consistent security model that helps protect against a wide range of threats.
We cooperated with market leaders to supercharge our offers for surveillance use cases. Our solutions can understand what it sees and reacts to it. For example, it monitors an area by creating a virtual fence, generates heatmap and counts people flow to give insights. Besides, we provide the possibility to customize the combination of video analytic applications within our surveillance solutions.
What value would it bring?

  • Bring intelligence into surveillance helps to streamline your existing monitoring system reducing costs spent on your surveillance project.
  • Real-time situational awareness enables immediate action to deal with urgent circumstances.
  • Utilize the video stream captured from camera to extract insightful information for further optimization for your business cases.


❶ Object Recognition/Classification Technology

– Detect Removed of Left Object
– Detect Pedestrian, Stopped Vehicle, Vehicle in wrong direction
– Classify Person(Gender, Age), Vehicle

❹ Act, Behavior, Analysis Technology

– Detect behavior pattern by modeling
– Panic, Falling, Loitering, Intrusion, Suspicious, Crowding

❷ Traffic Monitoring Technology

– Recognize Vehicle License Plate
– Vehicle Counting
– Analyze Average speed, high speed, Density of Vehicle

❺ Situational Monitoring Technology

– People Counting
– Occupancy Analytic
– Queue Detection
– Heatmapping

❸ Flame, Smoke Detection

– Detect flame/smoke by Deep learning

❻ Face Recognition Technology

– Recognize faces according to pre-defined database(black/VIP list)
– Mask detected faces for privacy concern



- Crowd Analytics
- Occupancy/ People Counting

Smart City

- Smart Streetlight
- Face Recognition 3D Kit
- Automatic License Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Public Security

- Smart Surveillance
- E-Police(ANPR)

Compatible with AAEON Surveillance platforms, powered by Intel

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