AAEON Turnkey Systems

Why Choose aAEON Turnkey Systems?

AAEON Turnkey Systems build on the success of our diverse mainboard product line to offer a wider range of versatile chassis. Save time and resources by selecting or designing a pre-configured Turnkey Solution to suit the project requirements.

AAEON’s Turnkey Systems are designed for easy deployment, maintenance, and operation. Take advantage of AAEON Europe’s Customization Service Center (CSC), which is your one-stop supplier for support and service.

AAEON Turnkey Systems

Find a ready-to-use turnkey solution or design your own. AAEON’s Turnkey Systems can be tailored to fit any project requirements. Select one of the products below, then get a quote by filling out the form below.


4U Rackmount PC Accommodate with ATX/uATX Motherboard, with PSU, FAN

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2U Rackmount PC Accommodate with uATX Motherboard, with PSU, FAN

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Subcompact PC Accommodate with 3.5″ GENE Single Board Computer (SBC) Fan/Fanless

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Palm Size PC Accommodate with PICO-ITX Single Board Computer (SBC) Fan/Fanless

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2U Embedded Chassis
Industrial computer/ workstation for automation and AI Edge Computing.

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Customization Service Center (CSC)

Customization + One-Stop Service Support

AAEON Europe’s Customization Service Center (CSC) is a start-up business unit with a dedicated group of people, including Procurement, System FAE, Assembly Engineer, and Product Manager. The goal is to support customers’ requirements on turnkey solutions and offer customer service and one-stop service support for customers’ projects.

To guarantee the utmost quality and compliance, our CSC places great emphasis on testing and certification. We collaborate closely with you ensuring that the final product meets the highest industry standards. We are dedicated to delivering a final product that not only fulfills your exact requirements but also surpasses your expectations!


Dedicated team with years of experience for Industrial computer boards, system configuration, and components sourcing.


ISO 9001 Qualified assembly line with a quality engineer to implement quality control for each product assembled.


Diverse solution support in terms of performance, platform and configuration. Customization capability to meet In-field requirement


Customer-centric policy that offers off-the-shelf products and tailored solutions with one-stop service support for projects.

How Customization Works


Fill out the form below to request a consultation to discuss specifications and receive a solution quotation.​

Prototype Approval

We will get started making the prototype of your customized turnkey solution for your approval.

Mass Production

The turnkey systems’ modular design makes mass production quick and easy for rapid deployment.

Service and Support

The AAEON Europe local team is always here to provide customers with service and support for Turnkey Systems.

Get a Quote

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