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NVIDIA Ubuntu, Jetpack 4.5 Available Pre-loaded on AAEON BOXER-8200 Series Systems

AAEON continues to deliver on providing AI ready platforms, now with official support for NVIDIA Ubuntu on all BOXER-8200 series systems featuring NVIDIAR Jetson? SOMs. AAEON has signed an agreement with Canonical allowing us to provide the official NVIDIA Ubuntu image pre-loaded from the factory, with no need for customers to flash the OS to individual devices, saving time and money.

Additionally, these systems come with the latest Jetpack 4.5 package of NVIDIA drivers and toolkit, also preinstalled. When ordering a system, check the part number to see which OS you want. NVIDIA Ubuntu is available on all systems featuring Jetson Nano, Jetson TX2 NX, Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson AGX Xavier.

New Software Customization Services

AAEON now offers Secureboot customization services on BOXER-8200 Series systems. Recommended by NVIDIA for safe and secure deployment, Secureboot helps to reduce the threats posed by hackers and thieves by providing a customized authorization key on the carrier board and in the OS image. This prevents the system from running unauthorized kernel modifications or hardware.

AAEON also offers further OS/BSP and driver level software customization services. This includes customized boot loader to allow booting from devices other than the onboard eMMC storage; OS customization for boot screen logos and settings; and custom driver porting to enable use of third-party expansion modules.


AAEON is delivering the service and support to provide AI Edge platforms that are ready to deploy out of the box, with pre-installed software and customization from the factory. Contact AAEON today to learn more.

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